Hi I’m Inés

When I’m not surfing or climbing I create strategies and design online communication elements for outdoor sports companies.

Hi, I’m Inés, a freelance digital marketer for small businesses and entrepreneurs in the outdoor sports sector.

I believe that if the product is good and the marketing is good, i.e. the work of transmitting and spreading the outdoor lifestyle, the sales will take care of themselves.

My mission is to help my business clients transmit and spread the lifestyle related to outdoor sports and activities

My Philosophy 

I specialise in helping businesses establish an effective online presence through branding and website creation.

Your website is the home of your company on the internet and your brand is its personality.

My goal is to help businesses create a strong online presence that reflects their values and mission attract customers and create awareness of their brand.

I use affordable and reliable no-code tools to deliver great results that are easy to maintain and operate.

I aim to create sustainable solutions and empower my clients to take control of their online presence by offering a knowledge transfer option.

Thanks to my network of collaborators, who specialize in different fields such as SEO, technical configurations, and paid advertising, I can offer a holistic and personalised solution beyond just Branding and Websites.

Unlike traditional agencies, clients will have direct access to me, ensuring a more personal and efficient service.

The Values I live by

Sustainable Growth

My aim is for sustainable growth for you, your business, employees and myself. I focus on the long-term and provide the tools and knowledge for sustained business growth.


As an empathetic person, I value the power of active listening. Working one-on-one allows me to understand my clients better. My passion for what I do helps me easily relate to them.


You’re a maverick in the outdoor sports and tourism industry if you’ve found my website. You didn’t go for a traditional 9-5 and chose a different path. I understand this courage and relate as I’ve taken a non-conventional route too.

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Last week, I completed my level one free diving course 🤿. It was as beautiful as it was challenging, especially mentally 🧠. Tapping into your body and keeping calm while getting further and further from the surface was not easy. Facing the discomfort of the urge to breathe, the discomfort of the pressure, but at the same time, I felt new sensations when I was down there.

The quiet, the feeling of being part of the landscape, part of the ocean, the realization that the human bodies are amazing machines, highly adaptable. 🫁 The human lungs reduce to 1/3 of their size at 20m. They used to think that human lungs would collapse under such pressure, but they don’t due to the mammary reflex (which, as the name suggests, all mammals 🐋, especially aquatics, have). 🫀Capillaries around the alveoli in the lungs expand to create a cushion to protect the rib cage from collapsing as pressure increases on the body.

This is not the only adaptation; our bodies also slow down our palpitations when our face gets in contact with the water, in order to reduce the amount of oxygen we need. This is why relaxation is very important. 🌊The same reason why when surfing you get washed by a wave and held down, the best thing you can do is not resisting it because you lose precious oxygen. Just go with it and accept it; you will be held down for a few seconds.

When I did lead climbing, it was the same ⛰️. When our forearms are starting to get pumped, our body tenses up, accelerating the rate at which we get tired. Good lead climbers know this and try to relax when they notice the tension; the breath is a fantastic tool for this 🧘‍♀️

I don’t know, call me crazy, but to me, the experience was really remarkable. 😄 I am very grateful to my instructor; @yoginiseed she was great at encouraging me and making me 🙏
✨ Redesigned Naturbike’s Website: Capturing the Dynamic Spirit of Adventure! 🌿🚲

I’m thrilled to share the incredible journey of redesigning the website for Naturbike, a Barcelona-based DMC destination management company. The result? Stunning and interactive layouts that perfectly embody their brand’s adventurous spirit, infused with a touch of premium elegance. ✨

This project holds a special place in my heart as one of my favorite and earliest clients. From the moment I visited them in Barcelona, we formed an instant connection. They made me feel like an essential part of their team, and that bond continues to this day as we work together to enhance their online digital strategy. 💪

Naturbike, thank you for the trust and for allowing me to be a part of your incredible journey. Together, we’re taking your brand to new heights! 🌍💼

Check it out in 👉 naturbike.com 🔗
“When we sense progress we get hooked” - Erika Drolet

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