Logo and brand identity – 5 common misconceptions

This post will explore five common misconceptions about logos and brand identity, highlighting the significance of branding beyond just a logo.

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In order for your clients to perceive your company as professional and not improvised, you need to have a well-defined logo and brand identity.

Despite its significance for both large and small businesses, branding often takes a back seat to other priorities, resulting in frequent misconceptions. One of the most common misconceptions is the interchangeable use of logo design and visual identity. While a memorable logo is essential, visual identity goes beyond just being a logo.

Here are the 5 common misconceptions about logos and brand identity.

One common misconception is that a visual identity and a logo are the same things. While a logo is part of a visual identity, a visual identity includes many other elements, such as colour palette, typography, imagery, and design elements, that work together to create a cohesive look and feel for a brand.

Branding is just about the logo:

Another common misconception is that branding is only about the logo. While the logo is an important visual representation of a brand, branding also involves defining a brand’s values, personality, messaging, and overall strategy. It encompasses all the ways in which a brand communicates with its target audience.

Logos need to convey everything about a brand:

Some people think that a logo should convey everything about a brand, including its values, offerings, and target audience. However, logos are just one part of a brand’s visual identity, and their primary role is to create a recognizable and memorable visual representation of the brand.

A good logo needs to be trendy:

Many people believe that a good logo needs to follow the latest design trends. However, a good logo should be timeless and able to withstand the test of time. It should be simple, memorable, and distinctive.

A logo can make or break a brand:

While a logo is an important part of a brand’s visual identity, it’s not the only thing that determines the success of a brand. A strong brand is built on a solid foundation of strategy, messaging, and values, and the logo is just one tool used to communicate that foundation to the target audience.


In short, having a well-defined logo and brand identity is crucial for professionalism. Misconceptions prioritize competing needs, leading to less understanding. A logo is one part of visual identity, and branding communicates with audiences. Debunking misconceptions creates a strong brand identity for success.

More than a cool logo, what your company needs is a coherent and relevant visual identity. I hope this article has helped you to be clearer about what you need to create your brand. Leave me in the comments if you have any questions or book a meeting with me and we can talk.