BABH · online platform

Be a Better Home Owner, an online platform that empowers homeowners to take better care of their homes. The logo design reflects the company's tagline, "Raising home values through smarter homeownership," and features playful and warm elements.


Be a Better Home Owner is an online platform that provides homeowners with resources and tools to take better care of their homes.


As their designer, I worked closely with the client to create a logo that embodied their vision and values. After conducting a discovery call and questionnaire, I presented two mood boards to the client. We ultimately settled on a design that incorporated geometric shapes, playful elements, and bold typography to convey a sense of organization, simplicity, and empowerment.

I created several logo variations for the client to choose from, ensuring that the final product accurately represented their brand.


The logo design reflects the company’s mission to empower homeowners holistically, with playful and warm elements that suggest a sense of organization and simplicity. The use of geometric shapes and organic forms creates a sense of motion and playfulness, while the bold, sans-serif typography conveys a sense of strength and reliability. The logo design effectively communicates the company’s tagline, “Raising home values through smarter homeownership,” and sets the tone for the platform’s Learning Center, Community, and My Records sections.