Elena Rico · SEO Strategy

In a remarkable journey, Elena Rico significantly improved her website's online presence, rapidly elevating her authority score from 2 to 6, and expanding her keyword rankings from under 10 to over 30, all starting from scratch.


Elena Rico is a seasoned expert in personal growth with extensive experience in mentoring, consulting, and facilitation. She specializes in offering workshops, retreats, and mindfulness sessions, along with transpersonal therapy. Elena’s focus is on the present moment, guiding her clients to unlock their full potential and achieve their personal best.

Having a website is essential for any business, but that’s not enough. To truly grow and attract more potential customers, one needs a solid online marketing strategy.

There are many ways to do this, and based on our conversation, In the case of Elena, we focused on her blog and improving her website’s SEO. Enhancing organic positioning takes time, which is why we recommended working on it consistently for at least six months.


The goal was to help Elena Rico improve her online visibility and expand her potential customer reach.

To achieve this, we created content for your blog and optimise it every month. Additionally, we made off-page SEO efforts, such as acquiring backlinks from relevant directories, industry-leading websites, and local press. This helped improve the organic positioning of your content.

To ensure consistent and regular content publication, we prepared a publishing calendar. We developed it by analyzing competitors and conducting a study of relevant keywords to enhance our position and provide valuable results for user queries.

The solution included a monthly report on the outcomes of the actions taken to monitor their progress.


In a remarkable journey, Elena achieved significant milestones on her website. She strategically positioned an ever-expanding array of highly relevant keywords, perfectly tailored to her desired audience.

Her authority score saw a rapid and impressive climb, leaping from 2 to an impressive 6. It’s important to note that Elena’s website began from scratch, making this accomplishment even more remarkable.

Furthermore, her website now ranks for over 30 keywords, a substantial increase from the initial fewer than 10 words. Elena’s dedication and effective strategies have brought substantial growth to her online presence.