French Translator Pro · Freelance translator

French Translator Pro, a freelance translation service based in Spain. The resulting brand exudes professionalism and premium through a simple, clean, modern design with a subdued colour palette and elegant iconography.


French Translator Pro is a freelance translation service provider based in Spain. Antoine, the founder, approached Hoolistic to develop an online strategy to reach potential clients. As a part of this strategy, I was responsible for creating the logo and visual identity for French Translator Pro.


The project began with a thorough understanding of Antoine’s goals, target audience, and the mood and tone he wished to convey. To attract high-ticket clients, we aimed to create a brand that exudes professionalism and a premium touch.


The brand’s visual identity is simple, clean, modern, and professional. The typography is minimalist, conveying sophistication and elegance. We chose a subdued and muted colour palette, which is matte and dark on white, further reinforcing the brand’s elegance and professionalism.

The image and iconography are simple and elegant, such as a pen, a magnifying glass, or a pair of headphones, reflecting the brand’s precision and attention to detail.

We selected a typographic logo consisting of type rather than symbols or icons, for better brand recognition and relevance to Antoine’s profession, which centres around words.

The end result was a cohesive and sophisticated visual identity that accurately reflects the brand and its goals.