Mujeres del Mar · Online Platform

Mujeres del Mar is an online platform empowering women in ocean conservation. The logo design was inspired by embodies women's leadership, respect for nature and communities, positivity and hope.


Mujeres del Mar is an online platform organisation that empowers women in coastal communities to become leaders in ocean conservation and sustainable resource management. When Maria and Juan approached me to design a logo for their brand, they were looking for something that would be simple yet powerful and convey their core values of empowerment, leadership, positivity, and hope.


Through research and exploration, I discovered that the ocean and the earth were essential elements for the brand, as they represent the core of Mujeres del Mar’s mission.

After many iterations and ideas, I developed a subtle and elegant logo that features a circular shape representing the earth and the ocean, with the silhouette of a woman standing in the centre. Her hair and flowing lines resemble waves, while her stance conveys a sense of strength and confidence.


The final design captures the essence of Mujeres del Mar’s brand identity and has been well-received by the organization’s members and supporters. I’m proud to have been a part of such an important and meaningful project and to have contributed to the success of this inspiring initiative.