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Ignacio is a Madrid-based company dedicated to the transport of powdered products in bulk using silo trailers. They also offer various services such as industrial painting, truck parts sales, and truck leasing. They needed a website to showcase all their services and products.

We began by gathering all the requirements and analyzing competitors. The result is a visually appealing website with three main sections: silo trucks for sale (both new and second-hand), services, and products.

We utilized templates to allow for easy addition of new products directly from the dashboard.

Creating templates that are easy to manage from the WordPress dashboard enables updates without delving into the complex interface of the builder. This approach minimizes the risk of disrupting the carefully crafted design while allowing for seamless content updates. I designed a product page template that dynamically pulls data such as product descriptions, prices, and images from a central database. Whenever product information is updated in the dashboard, it automatically reflects across all relevant pages. Same with services and products.

Furthermore, I paid special attention to optimizing the archive pages for SEO purposes, ensuring that the website ranks well in search engine results and attracts more potential customers.

Template Management: Easy-to-manage templates from the WordPress dashboard allow for seamless content updates without disrupting the design

SEO Optimization: The website is optimized for search engines, enhancing visibility and attracting more visitors. Special attention was given to optimizing archive pages for SEO purposes

Responsive Design: The site is fully responsive, offering a seamless experience on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

Call-to-Action Sections: Strategically placed call-to-action sections throughout the website encourage business clients to book a call and engage with Naturbike’s services.


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