European WordPress event in Turin


I volunteered at the 12th annual European WordPress event held in Torino this year.

It was a massive event with 2,584 attendees and a team of 250 volunteers at the Lingotto Conference and Exhibition Centre, which is the old Fiat factory, by the way.

I signed up to be a volunteer because Angel inspired me to do it. We had a great time hanging out during the orientation day, where we learned about our roles. Later, we attended an amazing cocktail event at the Fiat Museum with the sponsors, and I got to speak with so many people.

On Saturday, I did my first shift with Angel. I walked an average of 19 km per day due to all the up and down walking. There was a whole 1 km from the first hall to the last one!

The sponsor booths were super cool. I already knew the big ones, but I got to learn about so many new plugins and technologies that I am very excited to try out. Plus, they all had very cool merchandising.

Saturday was the big day for me. There were 3 or 4 different big parties thrown by the sponsors on rooftops, with fancy cocktails and more. Super nice.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to see any of the talks, but I plan to watch some of the recordings. There was not enough time for everything!

To summarize, even though the food was good, the venue was impressive, the merch was very nice, and the parties were spectacular, the best thing remains the attendees and volunteers. I go to these events because of the community of people that this lovely open-source technology attracts. Thank you, WordPress community!

Looking forward to meeting everyone there next year!

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