It took me almost 3 years of freelancing to realise this

Personal growth

The most valuable thing I have learned in this crazy journey is not how to create websites, use InDesign or create sales funnels or do SEO.

The most valuable thing I have learned and honed over the past years is cultivating a mindset of self-reliance—learning to navigate uncertainty without the safety net of a supervisor or manager guiding my every move. 💪

There wasn’t a single time 😅 when I was not scared to disappear, unsure how I would deliver, but each time I managed.

I am still scared, I still doubt myself and have insecurities, but a little bit less than in the beginning. 🌱

I hope that feeling will continue because I know the day it fades will be the day I am in my comfort zone and complacent.

Anyways, these are just some 2 am reflections trying to fall asleep.

If you can relate, I would like to know! 👍 ❤️ Drop a comment too! 💬

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Hola, I’m Inés, a web developer with a background in product management and design. I offer practical and tailored solutions.

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