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Naturbike, a Barcelona-based DMC company specializing in cycling, hiking, and gastronomy tours, enlisted my help to revamp their website. Collaborating with Tras Studio on branding, we developed a WordPress site to align with Naturbike’s vision.

Our process began with thorough meetings to grasp Naturbike’s needs and goals. Through a Strategy Workshop, we crafted a visual identity that resonated with their brand essence. Wireframes, content mapping, and template creation followed, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Technical tasks included WordPress configurations, such as migrating and changing hosting providers, to optimize site performance. Additionally, we translated the website into German, English, and Spanish, broadening its reach.

The end result was a visually appealing website with categorized trip listings, detailed templates, and multilingual support. The site boasted SEO optimization and full responsiveness, catering to various devices. Strategic call-to-action sections encouraged user engagement, while resources and training were provided for continued website management and growth.

Feel free to check out the website here:


Trip Listings: Users can explore a comprehensive list of trips categorized by country and activity type, with advanced filtering options to find the perfect adventure.

Trip Templates: Each trip includes detailed templates with maps and daily itineraries, providing a clear overview of the experience.

Multilingual Support: The site is available in German, English, and Spanish, catering to a diverse audience.

SEO Optimization: The website is optimized for search engines, enhancing visibility and attracting more visitors.

Responsive Design: The site is fully responsive, offering a seamless experience on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

Visual Identity: The website features a visually coherent design that reflects Naturbike’s brand and its value proposition of premium trips.

Call-to-Action Sections: Strategically placed call-to-action sections throughout the website encourage business clients to book a call and engage with Naturbike’s services.


Welcoming, modern and engaging website layout
A list of all their trips categorised per country and activity type with filtering options
A visual coherent visual identity reflecting Naturbike’s brand and value proposition of premium trips
Templates for the trips together with a map and an itinerary per day 
Call to action sections across the whole website to invite business clients to book a call


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