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Olga is a talented dancer and a chemical engineer with a passion for fitness and well-being. When she reached out to me, she had a dream of creating an online platform where she could share her personal project of dance-stretching classes with people around the world. Her goal was to create a website that would serve as a home for her project, reflecting her personal brand and values.

We started the project by conducting research and developing a visual identity that would capture Olga’s passion for movement, vitality, and professionalism. We worked together to create a typography hierarchy and a font family that would express her brand’s essence while ensuring legibility and coherence across the site. We also selected a primary colour that would give the site a vibrant and energetic look.

The layout and design of the website provide a welcoming and engaging user experience. We used images that showcased Olga’s dancing skills and her warm and enthusiastic personality. We also implemented a booking system that allowed users to sign up for her classes and interact with her through the site.

One of the key design elements of the site is the logo. The logo features a sprout that represents the growth Olga wants to see in her students and a butterfly that represents transformation. The use of these symbols was inspired by Olga’s philosophy of promoting personal growth and self-improvement through movement.

The final website reflects Olga’s passion for dance, well-being, and growth. It has been well-received by her clients and has helped her to grow her business and reach more people with her message of empowerment and transformation. It was a pleasure to work with Olga on this project and to contribute to the success of her inspiring personal project.


Visual Identity: The website boasts a visually coherent design that mirrors Naturbike’s brand essence, highlighting its commitment to premium trips.

Booking System: Seamlessly integrated, the booking system enables hassle-free class sign-ups and interactions, enhancing user convenience.

Responsive Design: Ensuring a seamless browsing experience, the site is fully responsive across all devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

Call-to-Action Sections: Strategically positioned call-to-action sections prompt visitors to take action, fostering engagement and interaction with Naturbike’s services.

Independent Management: To empower clients, resources and training are provided for the autonomous management and expansion of the website’s digital assets.


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