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Backend & DB

Recently, I embraced the challenge of revamping the Pokémon API in four distinct ways. Growing up with Pokémon Gameboy games, this project held a special place in my heart.

First, I implemented a basic fetch function to interact with the Pokémon API, using native methods to get a feel for the initial call.

Next, I switched to Axios, a versatile library, to experiment with different data management techniques.

Then, I delved into React custom hooks to handle the API calls and manage the data. React state management with custom hooks proved to be both complex and rewarding!

The current iteration of the project combines React, Tailwind CSS, Vite, and Axios.

A highlight of the project was adding dynamic colors based on Pokémon categories.

Optimizing the loading speed was particularly challenging due to the vast number of Pokémon (over 1000), especially on the initial page load. I’d love to hear if you found the loading speed slower than expected or if it met your expectations.

Basic Fetch Functionality: Initial API interaction using native fetch methods.

Axios Integration: Utilization of Axios library for enhanced data management and API calls.

Dynamic Colors Based on Pokémon Categories: Visual differentiation of Pokémon categories with dynamic colors.

Optimized Loading Speed: Efforts to improve loading speed, accommodating over 1000 Pokémon, especially during the initial page load.

Modern Frontend Stack: Built with a combination of React, Tailwind CSS, and Vite.


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